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Have you considered making a change in your appearance? Your smile says a lot about you. It has the power to make a positive first impression and affect your self-esteem. If you would like to boost your confidence and show off a perfectly aligned look, you may be interested in orthodontic treatment.

Many people want to straighten their teeth but don’t like the idea of wearing metal braces. If this sounds like you, Invisalign may be the perfect solution! At Stones Corner Dental, we are certified providers for Invisalign. We’ve trained in this unique orthodontic system so that we can make sure your aligners are the perfect fit and help you get the results you want.

Who Is a Candidate for Invisalign?

Woman inserting invisible bracesOne of the biggest advantages of Invisalign is that it is suitable for addressing a broad range of concerns, such as:

  • Crossbite
  • Crowded teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Open bite
  • Overbite
  • Underbite

Invisalign is for teenagers and adults who want to align their teeth.

What to Expect During Invisalign Treatment

When you have your consultation, we’ll examine your teeth to make sure that Invisalign is right for you. If you decide to move forward, we’ll use Invisalign’s ClinCheck® software to map out your new smile. With our computerised programmes, you’ll see the changes that are made with your first aligner set all the way to the last ones.

All the information is sent to the Invisalign laboratory where your aligners are created with SmartTrack® material that is comfortable and easy to take out or put back in your mouth. When we receive your aligners back from the lab, you can pick them up and start wearing them for at least 22 hours a day. We’ll give you full instructions on when to change each set. You’ll return to our clinic for checkups about every six weeks so that we can make sure the proper progress is being made.

Remove at Your Convenience

Invisalign aligners can be taken out for social events, at mealtimes or to brush and floss your teeth. As long as you wear them for 22 hours a day, you can remove them at your convenience. You won’t have to worry about your braces getting in the way of your life.

Get Started Today

Are you interested in Invisalign in Stones Corner? Contact our friendly team today to schedule your consultation! We have flexible payment plans available.

* Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.

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